Monday, May 3, 2010

Prototyping A Simple Database for Pediatric Echo Normal Values

A mashup of Google technologies to create a free, simple, open-access database.

The upcoming ASE Guidelines ”Recommendations for Quantification Methods During the Performance of a Pediatric Echocardiogram”, is intended to serve as The Standard for measurement techniques in pediatric echo. Getting everyone on the same page as far as making measurements is a prerequisite for moving forward with standardizing z-scores for pediatric echocardiography. Anticipating the guidelines, I built a mashup that could serve as a skeleton for a common database of normal values:

Normal Values Database Prototype: The Aortic Root

The above link is to a “working demo”. Feel free to enter any kind of data (fake or otherwise) in order to see it in action. Should I decide to do this “for real” there would likely be some preconditions for using the data form(s) but for now, feel free to use it with abandon.  Of course, I’d love to know what you think.